Saturday, December 12, 2009

10th DIS '08 to 13th DIS '09, 1year3days..yeay!!!

baru 1tahun3hari ke blog aku..??
gle tak matang(shasha'sword:P)..
tapi tape..
so far..
tade masalah la nak sttle kan blog ni..
nthng muc i can do with this blog cz im not into this profession la actlly..
but cz of peeps around me keep influenced me to do so..
then a bit by bit,im goin into this job..
tapi not as matured as MANIFESTO FIKIRAN punyer blog,S punyer blog,and others la kan..
but im happy doin this kind of things..
gud for ur health n some sort of exercise kot..
exercise tangan>.<
last,happy birthday to my LIVELOVETALKLAUGH.BLOGSPOT.COM =D