Sunday, December 27, 2009

will leaving hometown soon:(

home,taman permata 3..
i leave u for a whle!
but,dun worry...
on 29thJan ill be at home again for my sis's wed:))
tapi sdey jer..
cz tak sangka de da nak kawen..
t da tak dok uma skli..
tak dok blik skli...
byk la..
tade nak gado2 da..
da kawen kne behave..
kan kan kan kan kak???
tape la..
im happy if ure happy..
ily sis:)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

10th DIS '08 to 13th DIS '09, 1year3days..yeay!!!

baru 1tahun3hari ke blog aku..??
gle tak matang(shasha'sword:P)..
tapi tape..
so far..
tade masalah la nak sttle kan blog ni..
nthng muc i can do with this blog cz im not into this profession la actlly..
but cz of peeps around me keep influenced me to do so..
then a bit by bit,im goin into this job..
tapi not as matured as MANIFESTO FIKIRAN punyer blog,S punyer blog,and others la kan..
but im happy doin this kind of things..
gud for ur health n some sort of exercise kot..
exercise tangan>.<
last,happy birthday to my LIVELOVETALKLAUGH.BLOGSPOT.COM =D

Friday, December 11, 2009

dont look back,as people said!but not me!

ko maen2..
org enjoy ko enjoy!
org tak study ko tak stdy!
lam klas maen,tido,tak focus!
naah amek ko!!
orang naek..
naek la jugak..tapi???
seciput but still not enuff for me!
ko still didnt realised wat had u done all this while ha??
tapela sara,mebbe not this tyme the lights of ur future's on!
but im not that down n weak la babe!
i just faced with the number which didnt made me proud of it!
n overall i was satisfied when i passed all my subjects:)
alhamdulillah thanks god!
for my coursemate,congrates on what had u guys got for ur pt3 reslts k??
welldone guys:D

p/s:thankx to ameraizuddin:)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

its coming again:(

ive this disease since i was age of 17yo.
then it continued when i was going my national service for 3mnths..
sepanjang i was one tyme i was attacked n admit in the hospital for one day period..
i was thought that it was the last tyme but then,unfortunately it wasnt for a last..
the third tyme were too horrible among all fourth attacked because it was happened in toilet at home..
after the third tyme happen..
ma parents planned to send me to go check to the specialist at tawakal hospital..
and the result was suck..
im not decided to tell anybdy who not too close with me.
for those who knew my disease were lucky cz they no need to be afraid when i will attack for the next tyme..
this matter were too ambrassing ok!i keep cry cry n cry every nyte since i was admit at the hosp. seberangjaya on 16th,17th and 18th nov 2009:(
i hope peep's around me will gve me a big hand to support me to keep survive in this life.
for those involved time i was attacked at ktm at that nyte coincidentally,i would say a great thankx dear for u guys help..
appreciate sgt..
kalo korg tade terkontang kanting la saya jawab nyer kat ctu..
ok la..
nak tulis pjg2 pon lagy byk airmata yg jatoh ni..
taley nak cakap pe slen thankx to all:))
lots of love,te amo sara<3

Saturday, September 12, 2009

suka duka senda tawa rasa hati kecewa senyum sedih MANUSIA=)

hey all..
nak merapu kejap neyh..
idk y evrything going soooo badly!!!
especially people around me!!
some treat me soo nicely n some i felt like they hated me much:(
somehow i happy where i staying,with whom...
but,ntah la..
i just felt like evrythng goes wrong!!
hard to describe..
org laen tak salah pon..
i je ske pk bukan2..
to not always n crazy thinking about those thingy..
i juzt kept silence n make things goes naturally like nothing shit happened!!!
cz thats the only way i can keep built my spirit n strong my strength!

last,for who caring about me,jz thankx can i shout for u!!
cz i dunno how to express my thankx:)
for you,millions of thankx!!!cz u take a gud care of me love.sharing evrythng.i do loves you so much<3

idk wat the fucking bullshit @&%^$#@^&*( i blogged about!!!
jz enjoy reading yah!!

for my mok+ayah,on 12th sept was their birthday!!
bro-22nd years old=)
daddy-54th years old=)
yay!!!sume pon da tua2!!!
tapi aten sayang korang..
u're such a gud daddy for me..
u grow me up well until me,who im now!!!
thanx ayah n mama too:D
to mok...
ure ma greatest cool n loving brother to me!!
i love u la bro..
muacx2 a lot!!!
dun leave me k??

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dinner at Genting View Resort

kbtolan aku berhenti kje on 22th June ai tu.twos aku folo ma sis p dinner atas angin tuh:) hehe:D skunk ni aku menganggur la wat  mse 2mggu ni. agak bosan tapi aku suke cz dapat spend tyme nan baby aku<3

mak aku la soh teman akak aku knonnyer p sane.padahal de ader je membe kat sane.aku ni teman isi perot jek.owg da ajak p dinner,ape lagi!!hoorrreyyy!!!ngee:D tu yg resultnyer skunk ni r.tempat pengumpulan lemak is kat perot dan peha ok.t jangan terkojut tgok ak bukak sem t:) wuharrrghh!!hodoh!sumpah hodoh!tapi tape..ader je owg sayang:) kiki:D

k la..tataw pe ag nak meghaban,n here a few pictures of me over there with my sis:)

ader rahsia disebalik nape sara kena duduk:( huhu:D

malam dinner tuh,

"International Cultural Night"

end of dinner:)

ni la akibat kalo kene tinggal sengsowg kat lam aprtment:)

depan cermin bilik,muahcx:)

ok,tats all for my new posting:)either u love it like it hate it WHATEVER, just enjoy it:)


sara oh! rara on rebelled:D