Friday, December 11, 2009

dont look back,as people said!but not me!

ko maen2..
org enjoy ko enjoy!
org tak study ko tak stdy!
lam klas maen,tido,tak focus!
naah amek ko!!
orang naek..
naek la jugak..tapi???
seciput but still not enuff for me!
ko still didnt realised wat had u done all this while ha??
tapela sara,mebbe not this tyme the lights of ur future's on!
but im not that down n weak la babe!
i just faced with the number which didnt made me proud of it!
n overall i was satisfied when i passed all my subjects:)
alhamdulillah thanks god!
for my coursemate,congrates on what had u guys got for ur pt3 reslts k??
welldone guys:D

p/s:thankx to ameraizuddin:)


Heyho Stinson said...

but u hav tried ur very best kan?
ive seen ur effort. nx sem kte try lg k syg?
dont wry ;)

under serra skin>.< said...

tats mean i shud hve to give more harder on it..
not enuf ok for ppl weak as me ni..:(
naah..malas mau pk..
asal can cntne sudah:)
ily sayang:)

Anonymous said...

hey, u can do it okay!
dun worry..
try harder nex sem..