Sunday, June 13, 2010

14th Jun 1955,mama's big day!

yeah on that day in 2010,genap la umur mama 55th:))
umur je yang macam byk kan??tapi mama jiwa muda tau??
mama,thanks for everything!
uve been my very best mama EVER!!
all of us love you!
bewan,bejat,kekna,bejan,kakjun,ayah n my lil nephew,adly ikhwan:))
sorry for my bad behavior:( 
i noe myself have been ur worst daughter than kakak:(
im sorry,i just kids who wanna n new to get know WORLD:))
be strong ok even how hard u wanna through that:))
we as ur children always be besides you to support you mathah!!hehe:D
anyway,I LOVE YOU mama <3


here we go


MAMA,lap you muah2<3

the cake,brownies from SR:))
*nappy or happy??ahaha:D
*some our father was right and 
some weren't!
thus,ayah..why ure so stingy?:(

End Toddles:))

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