Sunday, December 19, 2010


kenapa blog menjadi semakin bosan dan bosan. or aku yang tak de tarikan untuk menulis blog neh? aih.. mana mood aku? maybe i dun have any topic to write for. or it's because of my boring life til i dun have any idea to put on. aku rasa hidup aku dah complete dah. sangat2 complete. alhamdulillah for what ive been given all this while. ive my own family blood,cousin yang sangat masok kepala ngan aku, and my beloved boyfie. thanks for those who's still stayed until now on. love you all <3 maybe after this,i wont frequently blogging like before. only if i have time to do so then i will. ok? it just i felt something missing in my life. i hope that missing wont go too far from me. cz i do miss my student life. study+stay under one roof+sleep+eat+hangout+car pooling and many more. i miss my xoxo girls aka pesona girls -.- dont you?

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