Sunday, December 26, 2010

whooshhh dup dap dup dap!

hello buddies,
im gonna end my year with something extraordinary.
n now, im totally cant wait for it! hell yeah!
those places pls do wait for me! :)
i will rocking the world with ya! ngee:D
2011 will coming soon.
goodbye 2010.
hurt,sick,pain,sour,bitter and those strange feeling please go far far away from me.
even i knew it wont be happen.aihh.
hidup ni ada naik turun de kan?
sume perasaan akan dapat jugak kita rasa.
walau macam mane hebat pon tentangannya. kan?
eventhough superhero,but still they're an ordinary human.
tapela,sara kan sara. mesti kuat! yeahh! HEHE \m/
memory,yang manis kita simpan! yang tak berapa nak manis tu..emm lupakan je la sara.ok?
2010,ramai datang dan pergi..
hope in 2011,pls do stay with me!
eventhough i know everyone walks in and out!
damn i hate it!-.-
so, be good to me! insyallah:)
to all my family members, u all have a great bonding ever to me! i love them lots<3
to whom still stayed til whenever they'll stay besides me,i hope u can stay longer than i thought! :)
sayang, thankx to be there besides me! lets go vacay then! HAHA;p

*soon,photo will upload then :)

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